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Tomato Red Cluster

Pomodoro Grappolo Rosso


The Tomato Red Cluster has a round shape - round, uni-color, bright red when ripe. Bunch homogeneous and regular over the entire plant, consisting of 6-8 fruits to ripeness. The trusses of tomatoes, 5 or 6 tomatoes per cluster, they have a bright red color, round shape and smooth skin Average weight 120-130 gr. Size constant, even on different stages in the latter stages of the crop cycle (7th - 8th cluster). Excellent consistency. Exceptional resistance to splitting, long shelf life of fruit on the tree.. It has a high content of lycopene, the pigment responsible for the bright red color, which reduces cardiovascular problems and risks of prostate cancer and stomach. And 'ideal for those who do sports because, being rich in potassium, helps prevent muscle cramps.

Product Details

1° Cluster: min fruits 3
47-57, 57-67 (diameter in mm)
Intense Red (ref. color scale 5-6)
Fresh, consistent, healthy, clean
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Calendar of Production:
May - October